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The products offered by Collegium Strategies provide a full complement of resources for planners, facilities managers and vendors who are affiliated with the higher education industry (or who wish to be). Select one of the following to see more.

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Mastery of Asset Planning (MAP)

The MAP program is a master class certification program for industry professionals who advise on the investment rationale and outcomes of project-related Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment. It includes a suite of comprehensive professional development modules whose content aligns with the norms, expectations, best practices and trends in FF&E planning, with a current focus on Higher Education environments. Collegium Strategies’ approach ensures that the certificates support common local and national requirements.  

Architectural plans

FF&E Planning Certification

Based on the principle that an institution’s FF&E investment decisions are important long term ones, the certification program addresses every aspect of the FF&E coordination process, from vision planning through post-occupancy issues, with an emphasis on securing the best value for the Owner. The program’s content is designed to benefit the needs and perspectives of multiple project members whose roles intersect with the FF&E coordination process. Planners and Project Managers will especially benefit from this program, as well as any internal staff member with responsibilities in this area of project planning and execution. 

2 Levels of Certification

The offering includes two levels of certification: MAP, which focuses on the initial planning and organization stages, intended for designers and project planners who will not be engaged in the implementation process for their clients; and MAP360, which follows the process through to post-occupancy.

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Essential Market Knowledge Training

The education market is core and signature to many manufacturers, but for those who have limited exposure to its intricacies, it can be difficult to convey the importance of that specialty. Higher Ed, as with other markets, embodies its own set of unique and consequential characteristics, and requires an intimate understanding in order to maximize market success.  Further, challenges and failures can discourage people and compel them to focus efforts in other more familiar markets.

Strategic Higher Education Tools

Collegium Strategies offers a broad array of courses aimed at addressing the norms, expectations, best practices and trends in FF&E planning as it relates to Higher Education environments. The programs ensure that the lessons align with required local and national practices and standards, and will contribute beneficially to the FF&E perspective, regardless of focus. Over the course of our  programs, participants are engaged in deep learning of institutional structure, challenges and metrics, and how this influences decision-making. The result is the ability to apply this intelligence in language and contexts that strengthen the potential of developing internal advocates.

Business Consultation
Essentil Marketing Knowledge


VERUM is a empirical cost estimating tool for your project’s FF&E. Budgeting appropriately for FF&E is often formulaic, overlooked or arbitrary. Inadequate funding can lead to unintentional expenses down the road and create an environment that does not effectively support the goals of the organization. Unique to the industry, VERUM maintains in real time the most comprehensive evidence-based proprietary data from actual education projects. You select the data sets, parameters and summary fields, and we'll generate your customized, authenticated report to supplement your forecasting/planning, cost-benefit analysis, due diligence, presentations, proposals, campaigns and studies initiatives.

Financial Analyst

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